Addison Emergency Center Focused on Community Health, Preventing Emergencies


For Immediate Release

21 April 2017 (Addison, TX) – Emergis ER, a freestanding emergency center in Addison, Richardson and Fort Worth, is launching an initiative to prevent emergencies from happening this summer by promoting a series of community events focused on health and safety.

Emergis ER is teaming up with the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) to sponsor Addison’s Energy for Life Walkathon on May 6 at Vitruvian Park. Mitochondrial disease is a disorder where a person’s cells cannot produce enough energy, causing developmental delays, muscle weakness and poor growth. The UMDF is raising money to research a cure as well as improved treatment for symptoms.

At the May 6 event, participants can choose to walk a one-mile course, walk a three-mile course, or run competitively with a timed chip on the three-mile course. These events take place across the United States and are designed to raise funding for research. Members of the community can register for this family-friendly event (wheelchair and stroller accessible), at

John Shero, CEO of Emergis ER, says of the initiative, “We’re here to help the community. When we launched Emergis ER, we decided that we needed to do more than treat emergencies—we also needed to help prevent them. Because in the end, we’re here to help the community be healthy, so we want to start ‘treating’ people before emergencies even happen. We’re excited about the schools, groups, and foundations we’ll be supporting this summer, and we hope to help the community stay safe and healthy.”

Emergis ER will be at the event to talk to members of the community about how they stay healthy, when they think it is time to go to the ER, and how they prevent emergencies in their home.

About UMDF

Our mission is to promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families.

UMDF is committed to increasing funding for mitochondrial disease research now – to alleviate the suffering of thousands who have this debilitating and often fatal disease and to develop better understanding of and treatments for the many common illnesses and chronic conditions associated with it. To learn more about UMDF, please visit

About Emergis ER

Emergis ER is a freestanding emergency center built to help individuals get access to emergency care that is as compassionate as it is fast. Emergis ER is exactly like most hospital ERs in terms of services provided and billing regulations, making Emergis ER a better experience for the same price. Hospitals in Texas have an average wait time between two and a half hours to four hours. Emergis ER can see patients as soon as they walk through the door, making the experience more personal, compassionate, and timely.

Emergis ER exists to care for the community, and the healthcare facility has at its heart the mission to prevent emergencies from happening. To learn more about Emergis ER, please visit