Addison Emergency Center Focused on Community Health, Preventing Emergencies

For Immediate Release

21 April 2017 (Addison, TX) – Emergis ER, a freestanding emergency center in Addison, Richardson and Fort Worth, is launching an initiative to prevent emergencies from happening this summer by promoting a series of community events focused on health and safety.

Emergis ER is teaming up with the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) to sponsor Addison’s Energy for Life Walkathon on May 6 at Vitruvian Park. Mitochondrial disease is a disorder where a person’s cells cannot produce enough energy, causing developmental delays, muscle weakness and poor growth. The UMDF is raising money to research a cure as well as improved treatment for symptoms. Continue reading “Addison Emergency Center Focused on Community Health, Preventing Emergencies”

5 Reasons to Eat More Iron

In a world of caffeinated breakfasts and deep-fried dinners, Americans are lacking critical nutrients. But with just a few changes in the types of food you eat, you can skip the coffee in the morning and feel fuller in the evening, leading to weight loss and more money. (Wouldn’t you like to save $5 every day on coffee? That’s $1,825 a year!)

Let’s take a quick moment to examine the benefits of getting more iron, look at what foods deliver the iron you need, and give you a reason to pick up a salad on your next lunch break: Continue reading “5 Reasons to Eat More Iron”